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abril 14, 2010

The blank sheets
I left behind the way of my life
are full of doubts and tears

I wait for someone to collect
and make them a book
filled with stirring stories
and smiling photographs

But that someone lives in London
and there follows his life without mine

But in London there are also tears
that flow through the walls of dark alleys
where to spread other blank sheets

And I swear I could hear
the heartbeat from who
let them fall through trembling fingers

This one looked back
and also saw with teary eyes
a dark and empty alley

And when a yellow light touched
his face, it lit up
and revealed his so blue eyes
he cried wishing
that someone also collect his sheets
and make them a book
filled with stirring stories
and smiling photographs

Even when you love someone
and it ignites your bones
it is never a waste of time

Even if that someone
lives your life in London
through his dark and empty alleys



março 21, 2010

Sit down by my side friend
and sing to me
with warm whispers in my ear
and with closed eyes

Show me how to live
with the pain of love
Let’s go friend
Let’s thrill us
and cry embraced

washing our faces together in tears
and feeling the beating of our hearts

Let’s confess loves… pains
Let’s confort ourselves

Allow me to drown myself into your eyes
as so blue as ocean is
and, please, at this time
dry with your lovely fingers
my tears of joy
because I have you as a friend in my life



março 19, 2010

Eu não vou te deixar cair
nem quando eu estiver mal
não te deixarei para baixo nunca

E não pense que é só retribuiçao
por tudo que você tem me dado

Hoje não,
mas um dia, com certeza,
estaremos juntos, amigo
no dia em que
todos se tornam iguais

E então, vamos caminhar
lentamente de mãos dadas
molhando nossos pés em sal

Enquanto o dia nasce
e o Sol e a Lua se encontram
para abençoar a nossa amizade eterna