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From Above

abril 20, 2010

Today God sent
one of his angels
to whisper in my ear
I should make a good use
from the gift He given to me

And I heard his voice and he inspired me …
… again

And then I understood
that what I write
comes from above…
not from me



abril 20, 2010

I don’t understand people around me
because I do not think as many think

Why be afraid about death
if that’s where everyone goes
whether there should be much better
than here

There must be peace
and beautiful sunny landscapes every days
all color
nothing more black and white

There is a new kind of life without death
where ghosts are alive
and where time is not shorter
and there is no rush
where everything goes without passing
and where you find the ones you love

Where life that everyone is afraid of losing is eternal
so why be afraid of there?



abril 10, 2010

Music to feel
Words to play

A world so intangible
and so concrete
that only I can see

Everything white as snow
and ethereal
I feel it all
dominates me sometimes

I know one day
I will not feel it more
but I’m not afraid because
This day I will be part of it all
and will not be anyone else

I will be ethereal too



abril 7, 2010

I saw life
between my hands
so fragile and young

I saw death
land in my hands
and carry my friend away from here

And I felt cold
and scare
and fear

God wants to show me something
but, really, there are things
I would not want to see



abril 7, 2010

One day life will oblige you to believe

There are things
you must to believe
and it’s so individual

All those signs
that you leave pass by
while your life
cause they show you your own truth

Keep your heart open
and feel something bigger
the reason of your existence

You are not alone



março 24, 2010

If I could live a single,
really perfet day
where my feet won’t
touch the ground anymore
and where my imagination
fly so high
that become into reality

So that day
I will call God
to carry me at
his angel’s presence
where it all is
eternal and immutable


In heaven

março 21, 2010

I hope that in the day
when my time comes
I am complete
and calm about all the things
I did for my life

Even if there are sorrrows
that I could forgive me
and I couldn’t shame me
for had tried to do things right

That my heart feel
far beyond I can imagine be possible
and that I could survive
at the emotion
so I could die wishing to come back
to do it all again